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CryptoInvestor[X] tracks and trades the best next-generation crypto assets using proprietary technicals and algorithms that substantially outperform the market.

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Fundamentals from Crypto Experts +
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Algorithmic Analysis = Superior Performance

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CryptoInvestor[X]‘s site features simplified crypto investing for improved returns:

  • Real-Time Portfolio
  • Trade Log
  • Live Blog
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Full Setup Guides

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Real-Time Portfolio

Never miss a trade with our live Portfolio and Trade Log. All Portfolio changes are accompanied by an audible chime (with on/off switch) and blue highlighting as well as optional push notifications. No other service provides real-time trading and performance tracking like us.

Live Blog

We provide ongoing trade commentary throughout the day. You’ll know which cryptos we are watching, the trades we are preparing, and the conditions under which we execute those trades.

Crypto X Morning Update | Crypto Investor X | Ether morning update for March 12 2018

The Best Technical Analysis Online

Our proprietary technical indicators tell us when our crypto positions are peaking or troughing (see our public market calls below). You’ll know what coins we’re looking to trade ahead of time, so you can buy near lows and sell near highs. Our well-diversified portfolio contains only the best established coins as well as the next-generation coins with the greatest long-term potential!

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Monthly Crypto-X Newsletter

  • Crypto Market Developments & News
  • Read of Market Technical Conditions
  • Best Upcoming ICOs
  • Upcoming Airdrops

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Weekly Crypto-X Update

  • Portfolio Updates
  • Read of Technical Conditions
  • Our Best New Position Ideas
  • Full Portfolio Table

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Special Reports

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Trader Resources

Mobile Alerts
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Don’t miss a trade because you’re away from your computer. Traders can receive all trades and commentary through their web-enabled mobile devices.

Exchanges & Wallets
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To help investors buy and store cryptos safely, we provide links to the exchanges and wallets that support each crypto asset in our portfolio.

Crypto Comments
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Every crypto has a story. We boil those stories down to their essence with a short description, our long or short thesis, and links to additional resources.

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